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Our treatment options allow us to take a multidisciplinary approach to care!


When the joints in your body fail to move correctly, a phenomenon known as fixation occurs. When fixation occurs our muscles are not able to function properly and the nerves that supply these muscles become inhibited. When muscles and nerves fail to work properly, we recognize pain. When we experience pain due to a loss of optimal muscle and nerve function, inflammation, nerve damage, and organ dysfunction can occur, which may lead to disease.

Our chiropractors can improve your health and wellness by restoring proper motion of joints within your body, which will disrupt pain, decrease muscle spasm, and restore proper nerve function. This can be done by implementing a light force into a fixated joint, allowing for improved muscle function, increased mobility and improved positional awareness.

Nurtition Supplement Providers
Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is heavily utilized at Connecticut Back and Wellness to manage pain, reduce inflammation and decrease spasm in the area of complaint.  Manual therapy takes many forms and depending on your specific complaint, we are able to determine which therapy is right for you.


Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists have over 15 years of experience and can customize their approach to the specific needs of our patients.  The benefits of massage therapy include increased blood circulation, reduced swelling, muscle relaxation, reduction of muscle pain and spasm, and aid in recovery and range of motion.

Active Release/Myofascial Release

Highly effective at increasing range of motion and decreasing muscle spasm. Active release utilizes specific movement patterns to isolate muscles being addressed undercare.  This technique is heavily utilzed for localized pain patterns of the spine and extremities.

G5 Vibration Therapy  

G5 Vibration therapy is a great tool for our chiropractors to utilize prior to an adjustment.  The high rate of vibration coupled with massage allows for broad muscle relaxation, which allows for less guarding during an adjustment.

Manual Therapy
SpineMed: Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Commonly used for management of Low Back and Neck Pain related to Disc and Joint Pathology. SpineMed is the Gold Standard of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, which may significantly improve discomfort and reduce symptoms of acute and chronic low back and neck pain patterns.  Decompression therapy not only takes pressure off the joints of the spine, but may even improve the health of intervetebral discs that are the cause of your pain, promoting long term benefits.  

Nutrition Supplementation
Nutritional Counseling and Supplementation
Specializing in  Functional Medicine and Nutrition Counceling, Dr. Jean Bassani works with her patients to improve internal health and wellness.  Dr. Bassani utilizes previous medical history, family history, and blood work analysis to determine your supplement needs.  Dr. Bassani will also discuss diet and lifestyle changes in order to maximize your individual goals.
For overall health and wellnesses it is important to undersgtand the roles vitamins and minerals play in the human body.  Known as micronutrients, these enzymes and organics are essential for maintaining cellular function and energy production that our body needs.  As we continue to process our food, the availability of these important nutrients become less and less available requiring a need for supplementation. 


At Connecticut Back and Wellness, we utiilize micronutrient supplementation from whole food, reputable sources, guaranteeing the best quality control for our patients. Generic vitamins and minerals are often chemically produced and supply you with forms of nutrients your body cannot digest or transform for use.  That is why we utilize certified organic, whole food products for our patients in order to guarantee maximum benefit for our patients.

Kinetic Taping
Kinetic Tape

We often utilize Kinetic Taping to support the care delivered in our office.  Kinetic Tape is often implemented to promote proper posture throughout the day. Kinetic Taping is highly elastic which will allow you to function through your active lifestyle without restriction. Improving posture through kinetic tape, chiropractic adjustments and exercise, will help significantly at reducing poor movement patterns that lead to pain.

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